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The newspaper of the English speakers in Beitar Illit

So who are we 

InBeitar is a digital newspaper for English speakers in Beitar Illit
The newspaper is sent through our targeted mailing list and to groups of English speakers in Bittar. Distribution is done by email and WhatsApp, on Tuesdays - every second week alternately.

In addition to advertisements, the newspaper presents Torah teachings from rabbis in the city and useful, interesting and diverse content that includes enrichment columns, information, news, updates and more. 
Also, once a month InBeitar holds a lottery for a benefit in one of the businesses in the city

In the InBeitar system, the advertising public is offered a professional service and a quality product at affordable prices and extremely profitable deals. 

It should be noted that most of the reading publicInBeitardoes not speak Hebrew as a mother tongue, and this is the only source in the city that provides them with information and accessible information in their own language.

Here you will receive high-level translation and proofreading services, professional graphics and design, personal service,
And most importantly - strong and targeted exposure that works for you!

Is advertising on InBeitar right for me?

Some important data
The number of residents in Beitar today stands at close to 60,000 residents
Of these, about 10% speak English.
In a simple calculation,
One out of every 10 of your potential customers speaks English! 

If you are interested in increasing the amount of sales 
To be exposed to a new and high-quality target audience from the region
Increase interest in your business and close more deals
Advertising on InBeitar is just for you.

And if we don't speak English?
This is exactly where your bridge is!
InBeitar is the answer to the needs of Hebrew-speaking business owners
Through the newspaper you can contact the English speakers in the city, and know that they understand you.

So... when you want English speakers to see you, understand you and come to you
Advertising in English on InBeitar is your solution


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