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About InBeitar

So who are we?

'InBeitar' is a digital advertising magazine for the English-speaking community. We aim to provide our subscribers with quality content, Divrei Torah, various updates, and promotions and advertisements in English from the best stores in the city.

InBeitar is more than just a weekly advertising publication:

Every issue includes helpful information, such as Divrei Torah, Updates, and news from Beitar, Zmanei Shabbat, assorted columns, and more.


Reading 'InBeitar' - helps you keep track of what is happening here in the city and the community.

Why should I join?

To be updated on what is happening in the community, full of engaging and diverse articles and Divrei Torah. Each issue is edited, designed, and arranged conveniently and beautifully and comes directly to you by email.

An excellent way to keep up to date of what is going on, for example, activities, Shiurim, Simchas, news, updates, sales, and promotions that you may be interested in.


Sign up now and start enjoying all the benefits of InBeitar.

And don't forget to let your friends know about InBeitar so they can enjoy it too.


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